Pulpotomy is a restorative procedure that is often performed on the primary teeth of children. When decay or damage reaches the pulp, the tooth’s innermost layer, children experience tooth pain and sensitivity. If not treated promptly, the tooth will develop an abscess that eventually requires extraction. At our office Sedro-Woolley Family Dental Center, we recommend pulpotomy for your child to ensure their oral health is vibrant and healthy.

What Is a Pulpotomy?

Pulpotomy, also called a baby root canal procedure, is performed to save a tooth. It is done to treat the teeth’s inside, the part known as the dental pulp. It is usually performed on children to try and recover what is remaining of a decayed primary tooth. But pulpotomy, unlike a standard root canal, only extracts infected pulp from the exposed portion of the tooth, not the root. Once the infection has been removed, a dental crown is usually recommended to restore a baby tooth to full function.

Why Is Pulpotomy Needed?

It is very crucial to carry out a pulpotomy on primary baby teeth, though they may eventually fall out. It should be done to maintain your child’s jaw structure and make sure the adult teeth emerge in the correct positions. Additionally, a pulpotomy will keep the infection in check and does not allow it to spread to adjacent teeth or surrounding gums.

What Does a Pulpotomy Procedure Involve?

Our dentists will first thoroughly examine your child’s mouth. We will make sure they are relaxed before going ahead with the process. Once they are ready, we will numb the area and isolate the tooth using a dental dam. The infected portion of the pulp will then be gently removed from within the tooth. A medicated dressing is applied to prevent the tooth nerve from dying. A putty material is then used to cover the remaining tooth structure. Finally, a pediatric dental crown is secured to the tooth, restoring its function and protecting against future infection.

Is Pulpotomy Painful?

At our office, we work to make sure a pulpotomy procedure for your child is entirely pain-free. During the treatment planning stage, we will discuss how we can best make your child comfortable. We offer several advanced pain relief options that will ensure your child has a painless experience of their pulpotomy process.

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