Nitrous oxide sedation is commonly used during dental procedures to help patients overcome their anxiety. This sedation technique is intended to relax the patient for shorter or more non-invasive procedures such as a dental cleaning, tooth extraction, or filling placements.

This technique can be employed on children as well as adults. At Sedro-Woolley Family Dental Center, we provide nitrous oxide sedation to our patients to help them undergo their dental procedures in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

What Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

Nitrous oxide is a mild gas, and it quickly takes effect but is non-addictive. It is composed of a mixture of two gases: 70% oxygen and 30% nitrous oxide. This sedation is administered through a small breathing mask placed over the patient’s nose to make them inhale the gas. The sedation will help you relax but keeps you conscious, letting you breathe independently and remain in complete control of bodily functions.

What Are the Uses of Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

  • It helps minimize anxiety during dental procedures.
  • It reduces gag reflexes.
  • It enhances the threshold to bear the pain.
  • It aids treatment of physically or mentally challenged children.
  • It prevents untoward movement or reaction during treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Nitrous Oxide?

The many benefits of nitrous oxide are as follows:

  • The sedation levels can be adjusted based on a patient’s requirements.
  • It allows communication and cooperation between the patient and doctor during treatment despite the sedation.
  • It increases the tolerance levels of children for a longer appointment at the office.
  • There are no side-effects.
  • Nitrous oxide inhalation is entirely safe.
  • The effects of nitrous oxide start immediately after its inhalation.

How Is Nitrous Oxide Administered?

Nitrous oxide sedation is administered to the patient in the dental chair. You will have to inhale the nitrous oxide gas through a small mask attached to your nose. The inhalation of the gas can make you feel hazy and relaxed. But you will still be aware of what is happening around you and have a warm tingling sensation in your hands and feet. You may might not be able to remember the procedure afterward.

When giving the nitrous oxide, the doctor will monitor your sedation level to make sure you can cooperate and follow the voiced instructions. Then the dental treatment will be performed. The effects of nitrous oxide will fade away very fast once the treatment has been concluded. You will be observed for a short period following the sedation.

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