A kid’s first dental appointment should ideally be after turning a year old or within six months of their first tooth’s arrival. Because even young children can get decay, it is vital to visit the dentist regularly. At Sedro-Woolley Family Dental Center, we provide comfortable treatments as well as instruction for parents on good oral practices for their children to prevent oral problems.

Here are some of the pediatric services that we offer:

Dental Cleaning and Exam

When doing dental exams, we examine all the teeth in a child’s mouth properly. Dental cleaning is where plaque, tartar, and staining are removed to prevent cavities and make their teeth shine. The cleaning is an opportunity to help parents understand where improvements can be made in their child’s home care routine. If we identify troublesome spots, we will address the concerns before they become cavities.

Pediatric Crowns

A dental crown may be needed to fix a tooth weakened by severe decay. It can help protect the tooth and hold it together. Crowns can also restore teeth that are cracked or fractured. Different crown materials and options will be discussed to help you decide the appropriate restoration for your child.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally present mineral in teeth. It helps to prevent cavities and fight decay. As young children’s teeth are more prone to cavities, a fluoride application can help safeguard their pearly whites.

Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants are used to fill in the deep pits and grooves on the biting surfaces of teeth. This prevents tooth decay development in those areas. Sealants can help to keep your child’s teeth healthy for a long time, aided by correct brushing and flossing.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We use tooth-colored fillings to fix cavities that may be barely visible. These fillings can help conceal minor impairments of the teeth.


Pulpotomy is a treatment performed to save a tooth that is becoming infected. This keeps infection from spreading deeper and destroying the tooth. The procedure involves placing medicine deep into the tooth and covering it with a filling or crown.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are utilized when children lose their primary teeth early. This may be caused due to trauma or when teeth cannot be repaired due to extreme decay or infection. When a tooth is missing, the neighboring teeth will shift to fill in the space. And this may result in spacing and alignment issues when the adult teeth start to grow. A space maintainer helps fill in the area created by the missing tooth. It is removed when the permanent tooth begins to emerge.

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