A regular dental checkup is an essential practice that helps to detect several diseases like oral cancer or precancerous conditions. The dentist checks for signs and symptoms of diseases inside the mouth using dental technologies that provide a better view of the mouth. At Sedro Woolley Family Dental Center, the expert dentists provide efficient treatment to patients that enable a chance for cure.


The dentists initiate the screening procedure through a complete mouth checkup. It helps to notice mouth sores and red or white patches on the tissues. The dentist wears gloves and feels the lesions to check for abnormalities. They also examine the throat and neck of the patient for lumps. The inside of the cheeks and back of the throat are also screened during the process.

Some dentists provide blue dye to the patient to rinse their mouth before the procedure. It turns the abnormal cells blue, which signifies the presence of cancer. Cancer screening light is also used by dentists, making abnormal tissues appear white during the procedure. In case of abnormalities, the dentists suggest a follow-up visit to analyze the lesion’s growth or bump. The dentists refer the patients for biopsy procedures which helps to determine the presence of cancerous cells. A treatment plan is advised, which helps to treat the disease immediately.


Oral Cancer Screening helps to view the lesions and bumps in the mouth, which can cause mouth cancer. Patients who consume tobacco in cigarettes, cigars, or pipes are prone to mouth cancers. The consumption of alcohol also makes people prone to cancerous conditions.

Having a history of the disease genetically or having a previous diagnosis increases the risk of cancer. Patients who have significant sun exposure are also prone to lip cancer. It is mandatory to visit the dentists for an oral cancer screening to notice lesions in the mouth, which helps treat the diseases immediately.


Early assessment helps to provide a treatment plan that can cure the disease. Regular appointments at the dentistry are beneficial to analyze the dental condition of the patient. It also helps to promote good dental hygiene in patients that can prevent diseases like cancer.

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